Smart Metering - EDMI

IUtilities is the WA distributor for the EDMI range of smart meters including electricity, gas & water meters. EDMI is one of the leading smart energy solution providers in the world, dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems.

EDMI today offers a comprehensive range of smart meters and metering systems which enable our customers to manage their distribution, load consumption and meter data resources more efficiently.

Installed with a range of robust & reliable modem products, EDMI enables the efficient communication with metering and monitoring equipment. Our products are compatible with a range of third party software packages, including Zigbee & Modbus.

EDMI meters are ‘Pattern Approved' under the National Measurement Institute (NMI) and are suitable for billing requirements. They are a durable and reliable meter holding ½ hour interval data a minimum of 400 days. In addition to being ‘Pattern Approved' all of our EDMI meters are individually NATA calibrated (National Association of Testing Authorities) and come with NATA endorsed test certificates.