Frequently Asked Questions



Who is IUtilities?

IUtilities is an alternative billing provider. In the residential strata market in Western Australia, strata companies have the right to choose an alternative billing provider.

What does IUtilities do?

IUtilities provides the internal metering network. In most cases we provide or facilitate the provision of electricity meters to the residential properties, and complete the meter reading obligations. We collect and manage the readings, and on behalf of the strata management we provide billing statements/ invoices.

What is Western Power's role?

Western Power provides the ‘metering network' which distributes the electricity from the generators, such as Verve, through the lines and to the electricity meters.

Why is Synergy not involved?

In residential strata properties in Western Australia, strata companies have a choice in who supplies the electricity and metering services. Whilst IUtilities is not a retailer of electricity, we do provide the metering and billing services.

What tariff rate am I being charged?

All residential properties in Western Australia are charged on various tariffs which are set by the State Government through the Office of Energy. These tariffs can be seen on the IUtilities and Synergy websites. All residential homes fall under the A1 tariff.

Why did my electricity charges just go up?

The State Government controls all pricing increases and on 1 July 2012 all residential and commercial tariffs increased. The increases relate to costs associated with maintenance of the electricity network as well as the carbon tax. All rates can be seen on the tariffs page.

What is the Carbon Charge / Carbon Tax?

As a part of the Federal Government's commitment to combating climate change, the top polluters in Australia are being charged for the carbon gases they emit to the atmosphere. This mostly relates to the largest companies which includes electricity generators. The current cost is $23 per tonne of CO2 (or equivalent gases). This charge can be passed through to those who consume the product, in this case electricity.

The current charge by Synergy for carbon for their customers is 2.2550c/kWh for residential and low consuming commercial, and 2.2899c/kWh for higher consuming commercial.

This fee will be attached to all electricity accounts from 1 July 2012.

Do I still get my senior's discount?

If you were entitled to a senior's discount with Synergy, please contact your Strata Manager and they will pass your details on to IUtilities who will adjust your account accordingly.

Why can't I negotiate my own electricity rate like in Victoria or New South Wales?

Under the current semi-deregulated electricity market in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) only commercial properties above 50,000kWh consumption per year can negotiate directly with the energy retailers. In Victoria and New South Wales, the market is fully deregulated and home owners and can negotiate their own contract rates.

What do I do if my account appears too high?

All meters are tested and a validation process is completed during installation. IUtilities has also completed additional testing to several of the properties to ensure compliance. If you believe your account is still too high, please note your building name, apartment number, lot number if applicable and meter number. Contact your strata manager and a check of your account can be completed.

What can I do if my meter is faulty or I believe to be wrong?

All residents have the right to lodge a request for a meter test. As per the Office of Energy tariffs and fees, a cost may be associated with this test.
Meter Testing costs $156.55 (inc GST). If the meter is found to be faulty, a discounted rate of $11.55 (inc GST) is applicable. These rates can be found on the IUtilities tariffs page and the Synergy websites.

What do I do if I am moving out / moving in to a property serviced by IUtilities?

If you are moving in or out of a property which is serviced by IUtilities please note your building name, apartment number, lot number if applicable and meter number. Contact your strata manager and alert them in advance of your intended date. A special meter read will be completed.
Please note fees apply for special meter reads and account set up, which are available on the IUtilities tariffs page and the Synergy websites.

Who am I paying my account to?

This will depend on how the on-selling of electricity has been arranged. In most cases the Strata Management company is acting on behalf of the strata company which is on-selling the electricity. In this circumstance you will be required to pay the strata management company for your electricity usage.
You will receive an invoice with your electricity statement either monthly or bi-monthly. This invoice will provide you with details for payment.

How can I reduce my electricity bill?

Electrical appliances turned on at the wall, but not actually in operation could still be using electricity. It is estimated that an electricity bill for the average Australian home includes approximately 10% "standby power".
The top 5 electrical appliances which consume "standby power" are as follows:

  • Computers - monitors, modems, speakers, etc.
  • Cordless phone equipment
  • TV, DVD players/recorders
  • Air conditioners
  • Clock radios

Switching these items off at the wall when not in use will reduce your electricity bill.

Financial Hardship Policy

Sometimes it is hard to pay your bills on time. We follow the standard Synergy financial hardship policy. Please contact us for more information as we can assist with structured payment plans, consideration on fees, additional time for accounts and other options.