Billing Information

Owners, Occupiers & Tenants

By now you would have received an electricity invoice or statement from IUtilities. We are kind of like Synergy, but not really. What we are doing is helping your building to make money. Let's get a little technical to explain the process...

We facilitate what is known as an ‘Electricity Embedded Network'. Typically each apartment would purchase their electricity from Synergy at the tariff rate. The tariff is the standard pricing set by the State Government in their budget process. 

In Western Australia you do not have the right to go to any other retailers to buy your electricity (like you can in Melbourne or Sydney) as we only have a semi-deregulated market.

That means you cannot negotiate your electricity rates. Bummer! What can happen however is all apartments can join together and collectively purchase your electricity. This is the semi part of semi-deregulated - large consumers can negotiate their own rates.

IUtilities will come in and put a meter at the front of the building (known as a gate meter) to record all electricity consumed by the occupants, the common areas, car park, gym or pool. We then take that to the market and negotiate for a better cost of electricity.

The building as a whole, being the Owners of the Strata Plan, purchase the electricity and sell it to the occupants. It is sold at the same rate as Synergy so all is fair.

What happens though is there is some benefit to the Owners of the Strata Plan. Those savings are kept in account to off-set expenses on the building. So at the end of the process your strata levies will reduce as the building is making money.

This is not new at all - pretty much every commercial office building and retail shopping centre is doing it. IUtilities are the ones who make it work for high-rise residential.

So let's get back to IUtilities. What do we do? We facilitate this process. We set up the Embedded Network, we read the meters, we provide the statements and distribute them to occupants. In some cases we collect the charges. All this is done on behalf of and for the collective Owners of the Strata Plan (you).

If you still don't know what we do - feel free to call us and we will help you out.