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iutilities is a provider of procurement and billing management for electricity, natural gas and water services. We deliver a unique range of services and are innovators in providing intelligent alternatives to managing building or tenant costs.

Our services can be undertaken for any entity that has multiple tenancies:

  • Residential & strata apartments
  • Commercial offices
  • Universities
  • University residences
  • Industrial parks
  • Retirement villages.


We look at your utility purchasing arrangements and advise on your options to secure better, more intelligent arrangements. We then facilitate the process.


We know the rules of engagement with the utilities and save our customers tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by ensuring your facility is purchasing and allocating your electricity, gas and water costs correctly.


In most cases the procurement savings will fund any required modifications. The payback is usually between six months and two years, leaving your entity to capitalise on wholesale savings every year thereafter.

Measure and Report:

IUtilities is the WA licensed retailer of EDMI Smart Meters. Pattern Approved electricity meters made available for new builds and building upgrades.

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